Grand Arcane Library

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The Grand Arcane Library, often referred to as the GA, is an academic library and the largest repository of history and information in the Other World. Its large size, owing to its history as a former castle, has allowed it store numerous books, documents, and historical tomes and artifacts.[1][2] It also doubles as a boarding school which has became its main revenue source,[3] providing great education to many people, however, admissions are quite restrictive and very expensive, resulting in most students coming from privileged locations. In an attempt to combat this, Redginald Lewis started the Page Program to provide education and support to underprivileged youths.[4]

The library contains a heavily guarded[2] underground vault containing books on request and dangerous items.[5][6] Redge currently acts as the GA's master librarian.[7]


The castle was once home to the Rose Royal Family. They moved to another fortress built in the north for security during a previous war. The family was then extirpated by the Great Demon Eligos, who also destroyed much of the northern part of the kingdom. The castle was later repurposed into the well-known library and boarding school.[1]


The library has five departments:[8]

  • Storage (red trim): Their jobs involve the underground vault under the library containing banned or dangerous documents. Specific jobs include being a guard and taking care of inventory.[9]
  • Runner (orange trim): Their jobs involve helping patrons locate books.[9]
  • Admin (yellow trim)
  • Chronicler (blue trim): Their jobs involve travelling around the world to document significant events. It is deemed the most difficult, but the most rewarding for those who enjoy travelling.[9]
  • Support (purple trim): Also called maintenance,[10] their jobs presumably involve assistance and/or general upkeep of the library. Jobs include being a janitor,[10] a seamstress,[8] and a nurse.[11]

If the person is not in a department yet, they have a green trim indicating that they are new and still in training.[8][10]


  • The library has roughly eighty bathrooms.[12]