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Author Notes

Welcome back, my little Rain Beaus~! (Don’t mind me. I’ll be trying out different fanbase names over the next few updates. I did a poll on DeviantArt a few months back, but I wanted to try some of them out in real time.) XD

Anyway, Chapter 15 begins the arbitrarily titled “second season” of the story, and also brings the long absent school setting back to the foreground. Several characters we’ve not seen in a long time (like Drew, as seen above) will become a little bit more active again, and we’ll see a few new faces as well. 

Oh, part of me hates that my hiatus is done already (I got a lot less done than I hoped), but I hate not posting things. I love reading reactions and predictions too much to stay away. So, let’s jump right in now. What can you make of this scene above? Who is the “January Girl”? And for that matter, what does that even mean and why is it significant? 


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