Theodor Elton Ainsworth

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Theodor Elton Ainsworth, known simply as Theo, is a former nobleman currently enrolled in the Page Program due to the Ainsworth family recently losing their estate and wealth (implicitly caused by his father).[2] He is currently sealed, and has rejected several offers despite its inexpensiveness. Micah theorizes that his parents fooled him into believing that unsealing is costly in order to better keep in control of him, which wasn't the first time his parents lied.[3]

He has impressively stellar knowledge of the locations of books inside the library.[4] He also tends to have a crush on every day at some point in time after meeting them,[5] and values his family highly.[2][6]

Character Description

Theo's official character sheet describes him as follows:

An extremely bright young man with lofty goals for the future. Unfortunately, his high-strung personality can make him a little hard to deal with. Theo comes from a place of great financial wealth, but his family has fallen on some hard times in the last decade. Everything Theo does is in the hopes of restoring his family's fortune and standing... if possible.

  • Likely the last to get any joke.
  • Capable of going from "zero to panic" in record times.
  • Has a crush on seemingly every girl.
  • Still waiting on that growth spurt.


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