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Author Notes

Originally, I wasn't going to post this today.  My plan was actually to post a Rain Delay.  My idea wasn't working for me though so I was just like, "Oh whatever, let's just jump in!" XD

Oh, look.  A boring chapter page that's mostly barren, somewhat similar to the last one, and... what the heck is with that panel?  What an eyesore, right?  Just bear with me here.  I'm experimenting.  ^_^

Now, if there's one thing I want you to know, it's that this chapter is going to be crazy long (as of this writing, 44 pages; but I keep adding more so who knows what the final count will look like).  It also contains nearly every important main character in the story thus far.  With all that in mind, I'm trying something different with this chapter page.  I'm going to make it dynamic, in that it changes as the story goes.  As things progress, more panels will appear until the full picture is done by the latter end of the chapter.  If that doesn't quite make sense to you yet, don't worry.  You'll pick up on it as the chapter goes on.

Maybe no one will care.  But this is just me trying new things with the presentation.  I do hope you'll all like it.  ^_^

Anyway!  It's STILL February 14th in canon; it's simply after the sun has gone down now.  Turns out this is a busy day.  But how much could possibly go on for 40+ pages on the evening of Valentine's Day when there's really only one main couple in the story at this time?  I wonder what's going to happen...

[UPDATE 6/4] - Now featuring Maria and Chanel.

[UPDATE 6/11] - Now featuring Rudy, Kylie and Gavin.

[UPDATE 6/20] - Now with more Emily.

[UPDATE 6/27] - Fara and Vincent join the party!

[UPDATE 7/11] - Jessica and Heather make their appearance, at last.

[UPDATE 7/25] - Drew brings the thunder gets tacked on. ^_^

[UPDATE 7/30] - And with Ana (and Ivan), the chapter page is finally complete! Do enjoy the rest of the chapter! ^_^


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