Vincent Valverde

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Vincent Valverde is a transgender man working as a therapist for other transgender or gender-variant people. Vincent is Jessica's therapist[3] and briefly used to be Rain's until he learned she was under the care of Fara.[4] He happens to be a high school dropout[5] and used to be really depressed.[4] He has always known that he was trans—for his fifth birthday, he loudly exclaimed his wish for a penis.[6]

Relationship with Fara

Meeting Fara

Vincent met Fara before his transition when they were 20 and 21, respectively[7] (placing it at at least April 3rd 1997). They entered a romantic relationship shortly after. Vincent met her family when Rain was 2 years old (placing the meeting at at most August 24th 1997)[8] Vincent came out to Fara shortly after meeting her family, and stayed with her for another three years, before running away.[5][9] He regretted his decision every day since then.[9][4][10] At some point in time, he transitioned and became a gender therapist.

Remeeting Fara

On February 14th, 2013,[11] Fara and Vincent met again for the first time in about 13 years,[12] and she asked why he left so drastically.[4] Fara later resumed contact[13][14] and the two got back together.[10][15][16] Roughly seven years later, Fara and Vincent got married.[17] Vincent also became a colleague of his niece-in-law Emily.[18]