Fumiko Tanikawa

Fumiko Tanikawa is Kenta's girlfriend, much to the dismay of Chiaki, her childhood friend who has an unrequited crush on her.[1] Over the span of Fumiko's relationship with her boyfriend, Kenta slowly started mistreating (including yelling and namecalling) and spreading rumors about her.[2]

Character Description

Fumiko's official character sheet describes her as follows:

Chiaki's best friend since kindergarten. Although she's not invested in anime or gaming like Chiaki, Fumiko usually listens to her when she gushes about her interests. Actually, the two girls don't have an aweful lot in common at all, but they seem to complement each other well. When they're not together, Fumiko is much more focused on her academics and boys. She recently started dating a boy on the school's baseball team, Kenta.

  • Among the top ten students in her grade.
  • Very strict with herself, but Chiaki's flighty nature throws her off sometimes.
  • Her long, straight hair requires an involved daily regimen.
  • One of the few students in the school who wears her uniform properly.


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