Keegan is a newbie in the Page Program alongside Chiaki.[1] Not much is known about his older sister, aside from the fact that she hasn't quite been the same ever since she got hurt protecting Keegan. He initially hoped to be corrupted by a demon to obtain the physical strength to help him protect his sister,[2] but Belial dissuaded him.[3] Before he entered the Page Program, he was a thief, pickpocketing people.[4]

His grandfather is a retired starseer, who unsealed him for free,[5] and he also has a crush on Belial.[6]

Character Description

Keegan's official character sheet describes him as follows:

Just days before Chiaki arrives, Keegan is also a new kid in town. He's charismatic and has a jokey, fun-loving personality that quickly endears him to (most) people he meets. That said, he doesn't tend to read the room and can just as easily be a bit much at times. Keegan has an older sister he hasn't seen in a few years, but he speaks very highly of her. In fact, it's one of very few topics he speaks with actual reverence about.

  • Eyes usually closed (albeit, obviously not in this picture).
  • Probably has a snark in mind right now.
  • Much stronger than he looks.
  • Bad liar due to expressive ears and tail.


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