Nara Kendry

Nara Kendry is a chronicler,[1] Redge's assistant,[2] and a teacher of the Page Program,[3] and was previously a page herself.[4] She has been in at least two romantic relationships, which both failed due to her dedication to her job in the Grand Arcane Library.[5]

Character Description

Nara's official character sheet describes her as follows:

Nara works at the Grand Arcane Library. There, she has many jobs. First and foremost, she's Redge's assistant (and one of his closest friends). Nara also acts as a Chronicler, documenting potentially historically significant events. And when these tasks aren't occupying her time, she teaches a small classroom of Pages. If she ever has time to herself, she has a personal goal to read every book in the library... if it's even humanly possible.

  • Usually very tolerant, but gets quickly frustrated with misinformation.
  • Adaptable and knowledgeable, though she has a tendency to put too much on herself...
  • ...Up to and including a bad habit of blaming herself even when things aren't her fault.
  • Her lack of free time also unfortunately eats into her dating life.


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  • While Nara's proper introduction was in My Impossible Soulmate, her debut as one of Jocelyn's creations was as a character for Save the Princess, specifically the party's mage.[6] A minor difference between her MIS and STP appearances is that she's roughly a year younger in her comic appearance.