Verity is a nereid in the Support department of the Grand Arcane Library, more specifically as a janitor in the museum.[2] She has been taken in by the Ainsworths.[3] She is currently enrolled in the Page Program, presumably due to their recent misfortune.[4]

Character Description

Verity's official character sheet describes her as follows:

A spunky girl, who's both easily amused and constantly full of energy. Nothing is more important to her than to see all her friends happy, and she'll always do everything in her power to try and make it so. Verity doesn't know her family or origins at all, and her first memories start with being taken in by Theo's family. She never clicked much with the family as a whole, but she treats Theo in particular like a little brother.

  • Has no idea how to act in serious or tense situations.
  • Kind and trusting, perhaps to a fault.
  • Goldfish pin is essential to every outfit.
  • Loves to swim, but lives in a landlocked city far from the nearest body of water.


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