Colin Stack

Colin Stack[2] is a translator in the anime industry[3][4] and is one of the three people who kept his job through the epilogue.[5]

He dated Fara Bryer for slightly under two months (from October 31st[2] to December 22nd[6][7] 2012), until he was dumped because he could not accept Rain.[8][9] Near the end of their relationship, he managed to obtain four tickets to Center Con.[7][4] He has held on to the tickets since then,[4] until roughly under two months after their breakup (more specifically, Feburary 16th 2013[10]), when he gives them to Rain.[11]

In the main story, he was shown to be transphobic, but he has become more open-minded and supportive in the epilogue when his daughter came out to him.[5][12]


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