Lorcan Bryer

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"So, have you kids ever considered what you want to be when you grow up?"

Rain's deceased "mother", who is initially seen dismissing Rain's wish to become a mother in the prologue. However, there turns out to be much more to "Liriel" than meets the eye.


Early life

Lorcan and Fara's parents were very unsupportive of their children. Their father harshly chastised Lorcan for wanting to be a boy, while their mother gaslit him into thinking it was all in his head.[2] In addition, they criticized Fara for wanting to be a teacher, calling teaching a quitter's career. Lorcan kept his head down and tried to get Fara to do the same to protect her, but she never realized what was going on until it was too late.[3]

Marriage with Marcus

At some point in his early adulthood, Lorcan married Marcus Flaherty.

Rain's wish

In 1999, Lorcan asked his children what they wanted to be when they grew up. Aiken naively answered that he wished to be a lawyer like his "father", and Kellen answered that she wanted to be a doctor so she could help others. Rain told Lorcan she wanted to be a mother when she grew up.[4] Aiken and Kellen (still under Marcus's influence at the time) laughed at Rain, and Lorcan seemingly dismissed Rain's wishes as a phase.[5] However, he later told Aiken and Kellen to not tell Marcus, and while Rain was crying in her room, he came in and comforted her, affirming her gender identity with the following words:

"I'm sorry if I was too harsh, princess.  Never forget that I love you and that I will always accept you.  I... I truly hope you get what you want someday." - Lorcan[6]

Final years

As Lorcan slowly succumbed to the disease that took his life, Marcus abandoned him and his daughter. It is heavily implied that the aforementioned disease was some sort of cancer.[7]


After Kellen cut Rain's hair,[8] Fara asked Rain if she had any plans for the hair, suggested that it be donated. Rain asks if "this is because of mom". It is implied that the intended use of the donated hair was to create wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair due to treatments (e.g. chemotherapy). On Rain's birthday, Fara and Rain read Lorcan's final letter to Rain after receiving his inheritance, in which he revealed his gender identity and regrets. This inheritance also included money that Lorcan hoped would go towards Rain's transition, but as transitioning was second in priority to securing a future for her family, she instead used the inheritance to purchase a home that she, Fara, Vincent, Emily, Lydia, and Puddle could all live. The remainder of the money went to baby supplies for Lydia.[9] In addition, after reading Lorcan's letter, Rain took the name "Liriel Rain Bryer" to honor him and take his deadname for herself.[10]


He is initially presented as thinking that Rain's transgender identity was just a phase.[11] In a flashback in chapter 19, he expressed homophobic views against Fara and "Vivian", but Fara claims that "she was a lot nicer before she married that prick". However, these two instances turn out to belie Lorcan's true views. It is eventually revealed that Lorcan was not only actually supportive of Rain, Fara, and Vincent, he was himself a closeted trans man. Lorcan only acted in the way he did to shield them from the wrath of his parents and Marcus and tried to support them in their tormentors' absence. He only came to realize how his actions came to hurt his loved ones when he was close to death.