Aiken Flaherty

Aiken is Rain's older brother who she hasn't seen since she started presenting female. When they do meet, Rain presents as male to avoid coming out to her brother. Chase eventually clues Aiken by mentioning that there was a girl who looked exactly like Kellen at Emily's Halloween party. Aiken does not take it well and grayrocks Rain, being generally irritated with her and only giving her one-word answers.[2] He also intentionally misgenders her, creating a male Mii for her[3] and calling her a guy,[4] forcing Fara to kick him out.[5]

The next time they meet is at Kellen's Apartment, he is much more trans aware and supportive. As time as gone on, Aiken has been becoming more and more supportive and understanding of Rain's situation. He uses the correct name and pronouns for her,[6] calls her his sister,[7] and is trying to get Kellen to be more accepting of Rain.[8]

He is a college dropout.[9] Like Rain, he is also interested in anime.[10][11]

Relationship with Jessica Li

Aiken used to date and be engaged to Jessica Li but he reacted badly when she revealed she was trans. Ever since finding out Rain is trans, Aiken has tried to reconcile with Jessica but she was unsure of her own feelings. Aiken also seems at least a little interested in the idea of possibly him and Jessica getting back together, due to him asking Fara and Vincent if a relationship between a cis person and a trans person can actually work.[12] Jessica and Aiken later agree to start a friendship.[13]