Nagisa Tadashii Labrie

Nagisa Tadashii Labrie is a sealed fire-aligned skyfolk with black wings.[3] She is the deurtagonist of My Impossible Soulmate. She is best friends with Eiji and has some long-time shared acquaintances with him.[4] Due to her being thrown off her kingdom in her early life, she has a fear of heights.[1][5] She is transgender,[6] as has been implied throughout MIS.[7][8][9] She also does not experience periods,[10] though that may change in the future.[11]

Nagisa loves to learn, and has broad knowledge on a variety of subjects. While she cannot fly, she is fond of her wings.[1]


Her first name, Nagisa, was chosen by Princess Kaminari. Her middle name, Tadashii, is her birth parents' family name. Her last name, Labrie, is the name of the family that raised her. She wants to stop using her birth parents' name, but she doesn't have the courage to.[12] Nagisa is a gender-neutral name, and she chose to keep it when she transitioned.[6]


Nagisa's green[13] hair is usually messy. Her wings are notably small for her age, and are unable to generate lift. Not that she wants them too, because of her debilitating fear of heights. She enjoys wearing skirts and sleeveless tops, despite feeling cold in them.[1]


Early life

Nagisa was set to be killed as a baby due to a superstition about skyfolk born with black wings representing misfortune and/or evil.[5][14] As she was thrown off of Toria, Princess Kaminari dived after her and slowed their fall enough to save Nagisa's life, but Princess Kaminari held her too tightly that her wings apparently broke in the process.[5]

Growing up

Nagisa does not have any relationship with her blood relatives. She was instead raised by various "found families".[1]



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