Anastacia Elizabeth Rubina

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Anastacia Elizabeth Rubina (born November 17th 1994[7]), simply known as Ana,[11] is an intersex trans girl,[13] though she personally prefers to not be considered trans.[14] She has moved over a dozen times in her life, due to divorce, financial issues, her dad's job,[15] and a boyfriend who attacked her,[16] though she decides to stay around by the time she is enrolled in St. Hallvard.[17]

For her third birthday, she wanted a pink-and-white dress, to the point of saying "If I can't have one, I don't want anything".[18] Both of her parents did not react well at first, but her father has since came around and supported her, while her mother is no longer involved in her life.[5]

In the epilogue, she is currently unemployed, having changed her major several times with her parttime job going out of business. She is considering to apply as an anime voice actor.[19]