Chiaki Koizumi

In Rain, Chiaki Koizumi is the author of several fictional manga, such as Birth of the Lilim,[2] Black Wings, Kaminari,[3] and The Second Prophet.[4] She does not make an appearance in Rain, and is only mentioned by other characters.

In My Impossible Soulmate, a prequel to Rain, Chiaki Koizumi is the main protagonist. At the start of the comic, she is shown to have a crush on her childhood friend, Fumiko Tanikawa.[5] When Fumiko and her boyfriend were arguing, Chiaki tried to step in, but she fell onto the school gate, isekai-ing herself into The Other World.[6][7]

In school, Fumiko's friends, Ai and Honoka, would bully Chiaki. They would pretend to seem interested in Chiaki's interests, only to mock her when she starts to elaborate.[8][9] She does not appear to have a great home life.[10][11][12][13] She also appears to have come out to a tiny amount of people, all of whom presumably did not react well.[14][13]

She has a tendency to daydream,[15][16] usually to escape into her own thoughts as a means to avoid—or at least delay—uncomfortable situations. She also daydreams to reframe situations and to think about what to do or say.[16]

Character Description

Chiaki's official character sheet from My Impossible Soulmate describes her as follows:

The protagonist and narrator of the story. Chiaki is a shy, awkward otaku girl, and she is considered lazy by her parents and teachers. The truth is she really tries her best, but doesn't handle stress well and is easily flustered. She can often be found daydreaming, both to postpone dealing with her troubles, and sometimes, to help contextualize them. Chiaki has a crush on her childhood friend, Fumiko, but doesn't know how to tell her, or if she should.

  • Used to wear her hair in long pigtails until recently.
  • Friendly and open-minded, but often puts her foot in her mouth.
  • Photo booth picture of her and Fumiko in her bag at all times.
  • Wanted a real pet rabbit, but has a virtual pet instead due to mom's allergies.


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  • Chiaki's name and much of her personality (interests, quirks, etc.) are based on the author, Jocelyn.[17][18][19]
  • Chiaki has undiagnosed autism and ADHD.[20][21]