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A story for boys, girls, and everyone in between.

Rain is a slice-of-life/dramedy webcomic written and drawn by Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick about a male-to-female transsexual named Rain. The comic is about her successful attempt to pass her senior year of high school presenting as a girl. The comic also covers many other LGBT issues and takes place in late August[1] 2012. The comic also has a prequel: My Impossible Soulmate.

The comic itself is hosted in two places: DeviantArt and Comic Fury. Hosting on SmackJeeves has been discontinued following a change on the site that locked out the author's account and broke most direct comic links.[2]

It has a Facebook page here, patreon account (where you can get sneak peeks) here, a Discord server here and a TvTropes page here.

All Rain Characters
Main Characters
Rain Flaherty
Fara Bryer
Gavin Kurz
Maria Strongwell
Rudy Strongwell
Emily Caston
Debbie Gero
Holly O'Neill
Devon Givens
Drew Borelli
Robert Roberts
Chanel Montoya
Anastacia Rubina
Brett Desrocher
Aidyn Vintage
Madison Vintage
Todd Bittner
Randy Martin Guy
Ellen Parker
Brother Arthur
Gerald Broom
Father Quenton Morrison
Liriel Flaherty
Kellen Flaherty
Aiken Flaherty
Marcus Flaherty
Simone Kurz
Trevor Kurz
Frank Johnson
Norman Strongwell
Donna Strongwell
Heather Coven
Ky(lie) Coven
Jessica Li
Chase Brenton
Colin Stack
Vincent Valverde
Allison Regent
Chiaki Koizumi
All Rain Chapters
Volume 1
Chapter 1: The New Girl
Chapter 2: Secrets and Lies
Chapter 3: Normal People
Chapter 4: Not the Same
Chapter 5: Cordially Invited
Chapter 6: Fallen Angel
Volume 2
Chapter 7: Mixed Feelings
Chapter 8: Confrontation
Chapter 9: One Week
Chapter 10: Friendship
Chapter 11: Big Brother
Chapter 12: Drab
Chapter 13: Togetherness
Chapter 14: No More Fake Smiles
Volume 3
Chapter 15: The January Girl
Chapter 16: The Exception
Chapter 17: Journey of 1,000 Miles
Chapter 18: Sunny
Chapter 19: Vincent's Story
Chapter 20: Just a Quiet Weekend
Chapter 21: Valentine's Day
Chapter 22: Valentine's Night
Volume 4
Chapter 23: The Flaherty Siblings
Chapter 24: Of Cons and Kisses
Chapter 25: Wings
Chapter 26: Cut
Chapter 27: Same Girl, New Look
Volume 5
Chapter 28: Love, Trust, and Respect
Chapter 29: Transitions
Chapter 30: Little Victories
Chapter 31: A Symbol of Trust
Chapter 32: Unfeminine
Chapter 33: The Calm
Volume 6
Chapter 34: Promise
Chapter 35: Weather the Storm
Chapter 36: New Directions
Chapter 37: Prom Night
Chapter 38: Supportive
Volume 7
Chapter 39: The Aftermath
Chapter 40: It's Okay to Cry
Chapter 41: Graduation
Chapter 42: One Day at a Time
Chapter 43: Liriel's Daughter
Chapter 44: And When the Rain Clears...


  • Throughout the entire comic, only a single page is different depending on which platform you read it from.
  • There has only been one documented instance of a page's contents being significantly changed post-publication. (Jocelyn sometimes fixes minor mistakes, like having two pair of eyebrows[3] or grammar[4]).
  • The spines of the physical versions of the comic are the colors of the seven-color rainbow pride flag.[5][6]
  • The comic has been used for examples numerous times in the English Wiktionary.[7]