Honoka Ishii

Honoka Ishii is a friend of Fumiko. She is also a friend of Aika, an unlikely combination that goes far back. They both enjoy making fun of and embarassing Chiaki, which they participate in despite Fumiko's objections.[1]

Character Description

Honoka's official character sheet describes her as follows:

One of Fumiko's friends, and Ai's friend since childhood. Fumiko, Ai, and even Chiaki tend to get noticed more by their classmates, but Honoka has middle of the road grades, isn't good at sports, and just doesn't stand out in a crowd. Although she likes her friends, her bitterness comes out a little strong when the other three get particularly passionate about something. Chiaki - excitable as she can be - tends to rub Honoka the wrong way especially badly.

  • Incredibly near-sighted.
  • Outgoing and snarky with her friends, but seems somber by herself.
  • Doesn't have a strong presence.


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