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"Rain is transgender. That means it doesn't matter what her body looks like or what you want her to be. It means if she says she's a girl, then she's a girl and you should treat her as such. And it most definitely means you shouldn't go around telling her friends she's a boy."

Emily Rose Bryer[7] (born July 30th 1995[10]), formerly Emily Rose Caston,[5][6] is a classmate of Rain's. She puts on a straight[11] bitchy exterior, to keep her "reputation"[12][13] but she is actually a caring person that just wants to make her mom proud.[14][15] Her mother however, is rarely home and never empathetic as indicated in many instances.[16][17][18][13][15][19][20][21][22][23][24] According to Emily, her mother has stated herself on many occasions that she was not planned or wanted.[18][23]

Like Rain, she considers her friends from high school her found family.[1]


Emily is pansexual[4] but is only out to a handful of people[25] for most of the story due to her peers'[13] and mother's disapproval.[11][26] She later openly wears a pansexual necklace.[7][27]

According to a Raindom Fact from Jocelyn, her attraction leans more towards women rather than boys, and has had several secret crushes ever since Maria.[28]


High school

Early in high school, Emily and Maria were in a romantic relationship.[29][14] One time, after Maria asked her about her orientation, Emily was unable to answer, and she ended up doing lots of research on gender and sexual orientation before discovering she was pansexual.[25] However, she didn't get the chance to tell Maria until the 2012-2013 school year. Pressured by her mother, Emily eventually broke up with Maria.[14] Maria reacted by cutting her hair short in front of Emily out of spite,[30] and for the next few years, their relationship would be very strained.

Time at St. Hallvard

In or just before 9th grade, Emily's mother transferred her to St. Hallvard. It was at this point that Emily adopted her queen bee persona. At some point, Emily met Debbie, and in 10th grade, she also befriended Holly, who was the January girl that year.[31] She dated five boyfriends over the course of her first two years at St. Hallvard, all of whom were terrible to her.[32]

At some point after her first five boyfriends, Emily met and began dating Blair Carver, the first good partner she'd met in a while. She even thought she would marry him at some point.[32] However, after Blair and Emily came out to each other, Blair proposed coming out together to the whole school, at which point Emily panicked and convinced him not to.[33] Following this incident, Blair and Emily slowly drifted apart, and they broke up during prom.[34][32]

Aftermath of the Spring 2012 prom

After breaking up with Blair, Emily was severely heartbroken. Wanting to stop her sulking, her mom made her attend a social event with her business partners two days after prom. She wore her prom dress to the event, hoping she would at least get to enjoy it this time, but she ended up receiving a lot of creepy and inappropriate comments from much older men at the event. At this event, Chase approached her, and even though she was creeped out, his charm combined with her mother's emotional manipulation compelled her to enter a relationship with him.[15] Despite his cheating and gaslighting, Emily stayed with him until the Halloween party in desperate hopes of getting her mother's affection.[35] At some point during the summer of 2012, Chase proposed the idea of throwing parties for major holidays to Emily, and unaware of his true intentions, she agreed, mistaking it as a rare sign of decency from him.[19]

Meeting Rain (Chapter D)

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On the first day of the 2012-2013 school year, a certain Rain Flaherty walked past Emily in the hallway. Emily was then taken off-guard by her crush on the newcomer. However, to keep up her queen bee persona and avoid the judgement of her mother and peers, Emily pretended to hate Rain until November 12.[Citation needed]

The Halloween Party

Emily hosted a Halloween party with her then-boyfriend, Chase Brenton. She was at first upset when Ky showed up uninvited but was quickly distracted by Rain's costume of an angel with black wings.[36] It was also around this time that she became pregnant by Chase.[17] Chase offering alcohol during the party and ogling the girls made her realize how superficial her mother's affection for her was if she was willing to manipulate her daughter into dating someone like that,[15] and she broke up with him and discarded her perfect year plan shortly after the party.[37]

Pregnancy and Moving Out

Around the same time as the Halloween party, she became pregnant by Chase.[17] She came out to Rain about the pregnancy on New Year's Eve.[38] She initially was hesitant about keeping the baby, but Rain's reaction made her reconsider and decide to continue with the pregnancy.[39] She later came out to the rest of Rain's friend group at nineteen weeks, though most secretly already knew.[40] She tells Brother Arthur and the whole school shortly afterwards.[41][42] Due to the her ex-boyfriend's unpredictability[43] and potential violence,[44] she moves to Fara's apartment with Rain.[45]

Dating Rain

The day Emily moves in with Rain, Rain confesses her feelings to Emily,[46] which Emily reciprocates.[47] They initially kept it a secret from everyone,[48] but Maria, Chanel, and Gavin found out anyway.[49][50][51] They later publically announce their relationship to everyone by kissing on the dance floor at prom.[52]

Childbirth and Moving Out Again

On July 17th 2013, Lydia Wynn Caston is born.[10] When Rain got her inheritance money on August 24th 2013,[53] she spent it on a new house for herself, Emily, and others, and baby-related items such as clothes and supplies.[54] In the epilogue, Emily marries Rain[1] and Rain still lives in the new home, implying Emily still does too.[55]


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