Chanel Montoya

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Chanel Montoya is a freshman known for hating boys[10][11][12] and having large breasts.[13] She also turns down every guy who asks her out, sometimes even before they finish their sentence.[10]

Relationship to Maria

Chanel started hanging out with Maria after Maria came out to her at around November 17th,[14][11] and they confessed their love to each other around Christmas.[15][3] They come out to the friend group in 323: Pizza, and to the school in 433: MarNel. Her parents are both okay and supportive of them dating.[16][17][18] In the epilogue, they are still shown to be together, though their martial status is not directly specified.[5]


Chanel is noted to be a fan of pop culture, and easily picked up on manga that was recommended to her. She was the only person to recognize Maria’s costume at the Halloween party because of this.[19] She’s very up-to-date on things in pop culture, such as “shipping” and “ship names”.[20][21][22]

She was sent to a catholic school by her parents to protect her from being physically bullied[23] and harassed by boys that would sexually harass and grope her off school grounds.[24]

Chanel describes her middle school experience as "traumatic", and states that she never really had any friends—let alone a friend group—prior to her meeting Rain.[25]


Chanel is very introverted, an attribute that she tends to get picked on for due to people believing her to think she’s better than them. This is very untrue, as she’s actually very anxious about being around people—boys in particular—due to her previous issue with being bullied at her old school. This is the same reason she has for her hatred of boys, a detail about her that could easily be brushed off as just part of her being a demiromantic.[24] She also struggles with low self-worth.[26][27]


  • She may or may not have fallen up the stairs twice[28]




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